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Welcome to
Ubuntu Essence Women 's Healing Circle

“Taking the time for yourself to heal and grow and be supported by a powerful community of other women on the same journey ” 

Do you feel like you have lost your ability to have fun, explore new things and that your life consists in going to work, going home, back to work and home again?  


Perhaps you even have friends and a social life but never actually do anything for yourself and self-care.  


You are always doing the same thing with the same people in the same places and you recognize that it is not leading you to more personal growth but you feel a bit scared to try anything new.  


If you really take a second to think about it, you might feel quite isolated and lonely and you feel like you have lost your passion and purpose...You feel like life is on auto-pilot mode?

You’ve lost the passionate spark of life.

And you miss feeling:

Passion, Joy, Fun, Desire & Clarity

In fact, you can’t even remember the last time you took the time to play and really let go and experience a really authentic great time. 


You no longer have clarity on your life path, your ability to dream and your deep desires and passion to show up in a greater way in the world has been lost.


And you are craving a community of other women who are yearning to connect on a deeper level, get in touch more with their passionate feminine essence and explore their desires in a safe and loving environment.  

Here is the thing…...One of the main causes of living on auto-pilot mode and feeling a lack of passion, joy, meaning and fulfillment is that you are missing your connection to yourself, your soul and your purpose and to get it back you need to create the time and space to do this.  


And you need to step outside your comfort zone and explore your infinite possibilities with others who are on the Healing Journey.


Because doing this together in a community will inspire you and give you more strength knowing that you don’t have to do life alone.  It feels empowering and will help you to heal and connect with your truth on a deeper level.  


In fact, from a nervous system perspective, being with other people on the same frequency can help regulate you and open you up to more clarity and confidence.

This is why I created
Ubuntu Essence Women’s Healing Circle

A weekly gathering with other like-hearted women desiring to get out of auto-pilot mode, express their authenticity, move through their feelings and gain a greater connection to self and others.   


From here we experience more passion, joy, abundance and are able to better understand what patterns are holding us back from our most fulfilled and joyful life and we are able to step up in all areas such as career and relationships.   

Welcome to the
Ubuntu Essence Women’s Healing Circle
A moment of connection, sharing and reflection to move you out of your discontent and into your true passionate wild essence. 


Who is Ubuntu Essence Healing Circle for?

What does the healing circles include:

2H of in-person community and connection where we will take the time to connect with your true wild essence through the power of:


 Intention setting that will help us get clear on what we need to feel supported on our journey to deeper connection with self and our deeper purpose.

Meditation to connect back to our truth and tap into our intuition and deep inner knowing that will bring us the clarity and confidence to move forward

Reflection and journaling to help you better understand what is holding you back, to start understanding limiting beliefs that are stopping you from stepping into your power.

Group shares in a safe and loving environment that will help you feel connected to others and
not alone on your Healing Journey.


Astrology as a self-reflection tool - Talk about the energies of the present moment, to help you understand what you’re going through internally (You don’t need to understand anything about astrology for this)

New Moon/Full Moon rituals designed to set intentions/help you let go of what no longer serves you.

Pulling oracle cards to help you move into the week with divine guidance, hope,
inspiration and the love you need to grow.  

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Location & Time
Parque Monsanto from 11h-13h



With the Full Moon

in Aries Energy

Your investment is 33.


Meet your guide,Sasha 
Medical Doctor and Holistic Therapist

For a long time, I looked up to many women who had built the life of their dreams with meaning and purpose, a career that they were passionate about and freedom to be whoever they wanted to be, wherever they wanted to be, whenever they wanted to be.


But I too fell into the trap of living life on auto-pilot mode, going through the motions but not really living in alignment.  


I lost my passion and lacked fulfilment, joy, a deep sense of connection to myself and my purpose and one day after finishing medical school and doing rounds in the hospital, it hit me and I knew I could no longer live this way.


I loved learning about the body and its healing intelligence but when it came time to do my residency, I felt a lack of meaning and purpose..  


I quickly realized that I wanted to help people on a deeper level.  I didn’t want to just put a bandaid on wounds, I wanted to get to the root cause and help people heal at a soulful level too.


I journeyed into integrative medicine as well as emotional, spiritual and energetic medicine.  Little did I know, my desire to help others heal on a deeper level came from the yearning to heal myself, too.


Through the journey, I broke free from the patriarchy that defined my life and its definition of success to date.  I reconnected with my long-lost wild essence, got in touch with my soul's true desires, and healed so many of my core wounds, limiting beliefs and fears that stopped me from moving closer to my Divine Purpose.


I have learned and practiced all the holistic self-healing tools, first hand and as a result my life feels more full of joy, grace and presence.


So, I have a deep desire to continue my mission to bring this to others.


This is why the Ubuntu Essence Women’s Circle was born.

It would be an honour to have you join me! 


See you there xxx


 With love,


What People Are Saying


"Through the work with Sasha, I can see more clearly certain situations, she helped me a lot in the treatment of limiting beliefs. She's a great professional. Working with her is having a reliable person, a person with whom I have committed to put all the theories and rituals that we often know that help us and it's good to put in practice!!Very grateful Sasha, thank you so much" 

 Sara Brites


"Sasha is a special person. She has a talent: To really listen.

She transmits Security, peace, joy, only the good things ✨

Beyond all her knowledge. I've been loving

to work with her and I couldn't recommend more ❤️"

—  - Helena Pinheiro


Sasha challenged me to confront several limiting beliefs, not to over-analyse everything and to accept that my good and less good feelings are equally valid and was super open to adapting the methods to my goals in a way that was the most effective for me.

At the end of our series, I feel more serene, grounded and happy than I can ever remember

and this is priceless - I highly recommend it! 🙏 "

—  - Maria Carvalho