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1:1 Sessions

Soul Medicine Online

Holistic sessions


Soul Medicine has a holistic (whole-person) approach.

It considers 4 levels of Health:

Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual

I guide you in reconnecting with your Essence.

Our Health is our most precious blessing –

Without it, we are nothing.

It is indispensable to invest time and energy in your well-being.

 The root cause of any symptom or disease always starts on an energetical level,

before it manifests on a physical or mental level.

If you’re interested in working on your evolution

and (re)connection with your true essence

These sessions are online, via zoom.

They are done in an individual and personalized way,

depending on the needed themes to be explored.

It's your Healing Journey. So, we will always navigate according

to your needs in every given moment.

When you book the free 20-min session session, you will be

redirected to a form, to fill in prior to our session so that

I can already get to know you a little bit about you.


During this first sessions, we discuss and identify

the symptoms and complaints on all levels. 

My holistic approach will guide you in following your Soul's Path:

- Holistic Lifestyle (Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit) Medicine

Developing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual consciousness

by learning how to take care of yourself as a whole

- Transpersonal Development Guidance

Developing universal consciousness by experiencing a "New Age" view that goes

beyond the personal level of the psyche and mundane worldly events.

Help in understanding your unique Mission.

- Yoga techniques

Utilizing yoga's philosophy and practices to help you (re)connect

with your body and your breath, your life-force

- Healing Arts

Creative self-expression practices for you to express yourself

fully as Who you truly Are, in your authenticity and vulnerability,

contacting with the essence of your inner child

- Nature connection & Aromatherapy

Using the healing power of Nature to create new brain neuropathways

and calm your Nervous System

- Guidance from the Divine 

Using oracle decks intuitively to assist you on your Healing Journey

- Energy Medicine:

- ThetaHealing®

It's a meditative technique based on Quantum Physics, to help you get into the root cause of emotional/energetic blocks and Heal Limiting Beliefs

- Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Mantras (Water impregnation)

It's a water-based treatment with Reiki and Crystals to

help you heal your energy body 

Soul Medicine

It includes self-knowledge material,

tools & embodiment practices to

apply in your Healing Journey:

 - Workbook Create your

Daily Spiritual Routine

(he foundation of Spiritual Health

& Unconditional Love)

Inner Child Healing

- Ego & Shadow Integration 

- Create Boundaries

- Vision/Mission/Purpose

- Self-Love/Feminine Healing

The Soul Medicine Sessions are for you, if:

- You're ready to look within and transform your life, inside out

- You want to have a holistic lifestyle and you're looking for guidance

to create your individualized and personalized routines 

- You want to deepen your Spirituality & Self-Knowledge

and don't know where to start 

- You're tired of living life for others, with the constant

need of approval and external validation 

- You want to learn how to build inner peace, joy and freedom

- You have difficulties in putting yourself first, as a priority,

by compromising your Self-Care

- You gave difficulties in creating boundaries and saying "No"

- You don't like being alone, in your own company

- You would like to start having a deeper connection with your Faith

- You wish to live an abundant Soulful life

- You feel lost with a lack of purpose and meaning in your life 

- You have a lack of self-love and confidence

- You have difficulties in listening/following your intuition

- You have an unhealthy relationship with your body and/or food

- You have everything in life to be happy and still, you feel that there's something missing and you don't really know how to explain what is it

- You want to start healing and letting go of mental,

emotional and energetic blockages

- You suffer from stress, anxiety or depression 

- Healing family and/or love relationships

- Energetic cleanse of body/space

- You've already searched for conventional help, you didn't feel improvements/you didn't identify with it and you're looking for

a whole-person/more complete holistic approach

- You're doing psychotherapy but you feel that practical tools

are missing and/or Spiritual knowledge to assist

you in your Healing Journey

- You want to understand the metaphysics (Mental/Emotional Causes)

for a disease and/or physical symptoms and treat them,

in parallel, on an energetic level

What is a Healing Journey?

It means to "awaken" to a New World, expanding your consciousness by diving deep within yourself -

Regaining the parts of you that you have once

lost in time.

It is to (re)claim your personal power.

It is coming back Home to yourself, the

very essence of your Being - your Soul.

 By shedding all layers of conditioning

and limiting beliefs that stop you from living your unique Truth, guided by your intuition.

Remember, no one knows who you truly 

are better than yourself.

A Soulful living is being aligned with yourself and your mission, in connection with the Universe.


Why choose to heal yourself?

Healing is the best gift that you can

give to yourself and the world.

When you heal yourself, you heal the world.

To live a life that will only have a sense

of purpose and meaning when you commit

tyour Healing Journey.

Only when you allow yourself to feel and release your trauma (unprocessed pain), your shadows to come up to the surface, you will know what it feels like to free yourself. From the inside, out.

Your Light will shine even brighter once you learn to embrace your Darkness.



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