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Soul Medicine
& Holistic Healing Mentorship


Coming home to yourself to
heal, grow, and remember
Wild Essence.

Reclaim Your Wild Essence

Let go of everything that is holding you back and step into what is meant for your life…

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Are you ready to journey within and transform your life from the inside out? 

To get unstuck, to stop feeling like something’s missing in your life, like you’re meant

for something more, to reconnect with your divine soul’s wisdom

and to remember your wild essence?

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In my holistic healing approach, I help you to...


Learn how to take care of yourself as a whole through soul medicine where we develop your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual consciousness.


Gain clarity in your purpose and remember your unique mission in this life by exploring beyond your personal level of psyche and mundane worldly events


Reconnect with your body and breathe and tap into your life force. Gain clarity and confidence through yoga techniques and meditative-embodiment practices

Discover your true desires through creative self-expression that allows you to connect to your inner child, your authenticity and vulnerability so that you can make decisions in alignment with what you really want in life.


Calm your nervous system using different healing techniques and create new neuropathways that bring more inner peace and relaxation into your life.  


Feel safe and create trust from within your body by connecting with Nature’s Elemental Medicine and Spirit Animals through Shamanic Journeys


Deconstruct, release emotional and energetic blocks and heal limiting beliefs holding

you back in yourself, your relationships and work.


Reconnect with your Divine Being and spiritual guidance -

All the answers you

need are within.

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Imagine what it would feel like to:


☪ Live in alignment with your soul’s path

☪ Make decisions that feel freeing and let go of

what others will think or expect of it

☪ Live in abundance and experience your relationships, your career, and your life events in their entirety, understanding the lessons, working through the obstacles, with more ease and the ability to regulate your emotions and hold space for yourself when challenges arise.

☪ No longer live on auto-pilot mode and fill your life with meaningful connections, growth, and experiences that fill you up and give you energy.

☪ Align/ Manage your career around your true mission, attract relationships that are deep, fulfilling

and nurturing.

☪ Feel more clarity on your life path and more confidence in taking action towards your

soul’s intentions.

☪ Increase your capacity to express yourself emotionally, heal your body physically and

build mental awareness and resilience.

Soul Medicine - Holistic Healing

It’s all about reconnecting with your authentic, true nature.

Your Divine Soul. Your                        

Wild Essence

If you are feeling lost in life, without meaning, wishing there was more, not sure what is missing, struggling with insecurities, afraid of what others will think or you are not sure what is wrong with you and your life then keep reading.

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What is Holistic Medicine
& Healing Mentorship?

It is a 5-month program where you work through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of health.  


You access all the tools, knowledge and guidance required to tap into your essence and heal from the inside out.  The program is individually tailored to your needs and can include any or all of the following:


Holistic Lifestyle
(Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit) Medicine

Developing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual consciousness

by learning how to take care of yourself as a whole


Nature connection & Aromatherapy

Using the healing power of Nature to create new brain neuropathways

and calm your Nervous System


Transpersonal Development Guidance


Developing universal consciousness by experiencing a "New Age" view that goes

beyond the personal level of the psyche and mundane worldly events.

Help in understanding your unique Mission.


Guidance from

the Divine 

Using oracle decks intuitively to assist you on your Healing Journey


Yoga, Healing Techniques and Embodiment Practices


Utilizing yoga's philosophy and all sorts of healing practices to help you (re)connect

with your body

and your breath,

your life-force


Energy Medicine:

- ThetaHealing®

It's a meditative technique based on Quantum Physics, to help you get into the root cause of emotional/energetic blocks and Heal Limiting Beliefs


Healing Arts

Creative self-expression practices for you to express yourself

fully as Who you truly Are, in your authenticity and vulnerability,

contacting with the essence of your

inner child


Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Mantras (Water impregnation)

It's a water-based treatment with Reiki and Crystals to

help you heal your energy body


It also includes self-knowledge material, self-healing tools & embodiment practices to apply in your Healing Journey

Workbook: Create your Daily Spiritual Routine

(The foundation of Spiritual Health & Unconditional Love)

Inner Child Healing

 Ego & Shadow Integration 

Create Boundaries


 Self-Love/Feminine Healing

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Who is this healing mentorship for:


☪ You're ready to look within and transform your life, inside out

☪ You want to have a holistic lifestyle and you're looking for guidance to create your individualized and personalized routines 

☪ You want to deepen your Spirituality & Self-Knowledge

and don't know where to start 

☪ You're tired of living life for others, with the constant

need of approval and external validation 

☪ You want to learn how to build inner peace, joy and freedom

☪ You have difficulties in putting yourself first, as a priority,

by compromising your Self-Care


☪ You have difficulties in creating boundaries and saying "No"

☪ You don't like being alone, enjoying your own company

☪ You would like to start having a deeper connection with your Faith


☪ You feel lost with a lack of purpose and meaning in your life 


☪ You have a lack of self-love and confidence

☪ You have difficulties in listening/following your intuition


☪ You have an unhealthy relationship with your body and/or food

☪ You have everything in life to be happy and still, you feel that there's something missing and you don't really know how to explain what is it


☪ You want to start healing and letting go of mental,

emotional and energetic blockages


☪ You suffer from stress, anxiety or depression 


☪ Healing family and/or love relationships


☪ Energetic cleanse of body/space


☪ You've already searched for conventional help, you didn't feel improvements/you didn't identify with it and you're looking for

whole-person/complete holistic approach


☪ You're in psychotherapy but you feel that practical tools are missing and/or Spiritual knowledge to assist you in your Healing Journey


☪ You want to understand the metaphysics (Mental/Emotional Causes)

for a disease and/or physical symptoms and treat them,

in parallel, on an energetic level

If any of the above statements sounds like you,

you are in the right place.

If you feel you need guidance and you’re not ready to commit to a 5-month program, book a free discovery call and we will figure out what best works for your Healing Journey.


Margarida Pais

Sofia Rodrigues

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What is a Healing Journey?

It means to "awaken" to a New World, expanding your consciousness by diving deep within yourself - Regaining the parts of you that you have once

lost in time.

It is to (re)claim your personal power.

It is coming back Home to yourself, the

very essence of your Being - your Soul.

By shedding all layers of conditioning

and limiting beliefs that stop you from living your unique Truth, guided by your intuition.

Remember, no one knows who you truly 

are better than yourself.

A Soulful living is being aligned with yourself and your mission, in connection with the Universe.

Wild Essence --------


Catarina Salgado

Andreia Pais

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What does my Healing Mentorship include?


10 x 1:1 Private Online 1h Sessions with Sasha


Self Knowledge Material


In-between support

via Whatsapp


Divine Guidance with Oracle Decks


Water Impregnation Energy Treatment


Daily Spiritual Routine Workbook


Self-Healing & Embodiment Practices

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With all the guidance and support from this healing mentorship, you will walk away with:

☪ A deeper understanding of yourself, what has held you back, made you feel stuck and what no longer serves you.

☪ The clarity on your life mission, intentions and desires driven from your innate wisdom and being not from what others have placed on you.

☪ The ability to ground yourself and come back to yourself and you connection to your higher power when feeling challenged or navigating a difficult situation.

☪ The ability to work through your fears so that you can follow your soul’s path

☪ The confidence to live your life with purpose and the freedom to make decisions that light up your soul!  

☪ Integrating your shadows and Utilizing your darkness as your power

☪ Inspiration and deep knowing to keep healing

☪ Learn the Cultivation of deep love, understanding, compassion for self

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"Through the work with Sasha, I can see more clearly certain situations, she helped me a lot in the treatment of limiting beliefs. She's a great professional. Working with her is having a reliable person, a person with whom I have committed to put all the theories and rituals that we often know that help us and it's good to put in practice!!Very grateful Sasha, thank you so much" 


 - Sara Brites

"Sasha is a special person. She has a talent: To really listen.

She transmits Security, peace, joy, only the good things ✨

Beyond all her knowledge. I've been loving

to work with her and I couldn't recommend more ❤️"

—  Helena Pinheiro

Sasha challenged me to confront several limiting beliefs, not to over-analyse everything and to accept that my good and less good feelings are equally valid and was super open to adapting the methods to my goals in a way that was the most effective for me.

At the end of our series, I feel more serene, grounded and happy than I can ever remember

and this is priceless - I highly recommend it! 🙏 "

—  Maria Carvalho

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Meet your MentorSasha 
Medical Doctor and Holistic Therapist

For a long time, I looked up to the people who had built the life of their dreams with meaning and purpose, a career that they were passionate

about and freedom to be whoever they wanted to be, wherever they

wanted to be, whenever they wanted to be.


But I too fell into the trap of living life on auto-pilot mode, going

through the motions but not really living in alignment.  


I lost my passion and lacked fulfilment, joy, a deep sense of connection to myself and my purpose. One day, in my final year of Medical School and doing rounds in the hospital, it hit me and I knew I could no longer live this way.

I thought "there must be more to life than this".


I loved learning about the body and its healing intelligence but when it came time to do my residency, I felt a lack of meaning and purpose.


I quickly realized that I wanted to help people on a deeper level. 

I didn’t want to just put a bandaid on wounds, I wanted to get to

the root cause and help people heal on a soulful level too.


I journeyed into Integrative Medicine as well as emotional, spiritual and energetic Medicine.  Little did I know, my desire to help others heal on

a deeper level came from the yearning to heal myself, too.


Throughout my Healing Journey, I have been learning to breakfree from

the patriarchy that had defined all my life and its definition of success. 

I reconnected with my long-lost Wild Essence, got in touch with my soul's

true desires, and been healing so many of my core wounds, limiting beliefs

and fears that stopped me from moving closer to my Divine Purpose.


I have learned and practiced all the holistic self-healing tools, first hand

and as a result my life feels more full of joy, grace and presence.

Even through the most difficult and dark moments.


For this reason, I have a deep desire to continue my mission

and offer this Medicine to You.



I’ve never done therapy before. Is this for me?
Of course. If you feel it makes sense to you.

I don’t have a strong spiritual connection. Is this for me?
Yes, if you want to deepen it or work on other areas. All is done at your pace, according to your needs.

I’m afraid/I don’t want to work on my spiritual connection. Is this for me?
Yes, if you want to focus on other areas. We will only go as deep as you allow and want to go. This is for you.

Does it have a structure?
No. Each session you will bring a theme/subject and we will go from there.

What happens if I don’t identify with all the tools you offer?
We work based on clear communication and honesty. We work with what you identify with, only.

I really want to do the program but I’m afraid of spending money.
Money is energy and when we invest in ourselves, it comes back 10x.
Where we invest our money shows our level of commitment to our self-love and healing journey.

Still not sure if this healing journey is for you? Book a Free discovery call to see if it is a right fit.