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4-Week Online Group Program
The Medicine Woman

Liberate your Unique Sensual Expression.

Feel God-fidence.

Embrace Radical Self-Love.

A 4-week program with like-hearted women

who desire to embark on a transformational

Journey to Radical Self-Love

through Liberation,

your Unique Sensual Expression

and God-fidence.

It's time to Awaken Your Unique Medicine Woman Gifts. 

From Shame to Radical Self-Love.

From Lack of Self-Confidence to God-fidence. 

From Low Self-Worth to Unique Sensual Expression.

From Stuckness to Liberation.  

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Image by Danilo Batista

Being Who We Are, unapologetically,
is the
 ultimate healing balm for our Holistic Health.

The Medicine Woman Journey

This 4-week transformational Journey
will teach you how to awaken your
Unique Medicine Woman Gifts:




Learn how to feel LIBERATION through:


 - Tuning into the phases of your cycle according

to the moon and the different archetypes -

Understanding your energy, mood, appetite.

Allowing more compassion , kindness and

grace towards yourself by choosing to

prioritize your health and well-being.

- Releasing internal blocks, old patterns and limiting beliefs from your pelvis (as women, it's where we store all our trauma/tension) that stop you from being your most

authentic self - When we shift hidden structures in the body,

we are able to shift hidden emotional and energetic structures




Learn how to feel GOD-FIDENCE through:

Connecting to your womb-soul wisdom by tapping into the feminine mysteries and deep inner knowing that lies inside you. It helps to you access your inner oracle to make decisions

with clarity and certainty in your life for your highest good.

- Getting your body and mind in a peaceful  state -

Relaxed muscles, feeling at ease and comfortable in your

body and in the world and being safe in who you are.



Learn how to embrace your UNIQUE SENSUAL EXPRESSION through:

- Movement Alchemy, by transmuting your negative emotions and thoughts, coming back home to yourself and rebirth into a completely new and empowered way of being and showing up with

confidence in the world and in who you are

-  Devoting intentional time and divine practices for you to 

embrace and accept your imperfections and all of the

parts that you hate and reject about yourself

As Medicine Woman is a liberated Woman

who is not afraid to express her sensuality. 

She glows with radical self-love.

She uses her sexuality & power of Being a Woman to co-create

whatever she desires in her life, aligned with her soul.


Women have been shamed, mistreated, disrespected

& sexualized simply for being a Woman.

For having desires, feeling pleasure and being God-fident.

Women have forgotten their unique gifts.

They have learnt to make themselves so small in order to fit into a box.

Only to realise that they do not belong anywhere,

not even to themselves anymore.

Unconsciously, women disconnected from truly loving

and devoting to themselves, their bodies, their entire beingness.

Women have learnt how to judge and be harsh on themselves

and being people-pleasers.

They keep on being caretakers of everyone except themselves.

You forgot how it feels like to Be You. 

A sensually liberated women in you fullest form and expression.

Taking up space. In her Power. God-fident.

Being a Woman is Your greatest Super Power.

 I will help you RISE and REMEMBER your Wisdom

deep within your bones, muscles and tissues.

You are a Medicine Woman.


I will guide you and remind you of your OWN MEDICINE.

This long-lost wisdom that you hold, the limitless magic, infinite possibilities

by reconnecting to your deepest, raw and wild truth held in your body. 

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What you will receive throughout
this transformational
 4-week journey:


Weekly PDF's

with Menstrual/

Moon Cycle Guidance


Weekly Shamanic

 Dream Womb Journeys,

connecting with each different archetype

for every phase

Opening womb-soul portals

(Each 25-min Audio

Guided meditation)


Weekly Integrative

Pelvic Health Video Practices


Weekly Divine Love Rituals 

Videos for every phase

Weekly Nervous System Regulation Practice Videos


Medicine Woman

Support Group -

Daily mentoring through our private group where you can ask questions, share and go deeper


Weekly Archetypal

Divine Sensual

Embodiment Practice

(LIVE Zoom Calls)

Medicine Woman

Sensual Divine Love Embodiment Playlist

A Liberated  Woman is a revolutionary
act of radical Self-Love.
Image by Danilo Batista

The Medicine Woman Journey

What you will receive during 4 weeks:

🌹 All practices referred as per above

(including opening & closing ceremony)

🌹 4 Live Zoom Calls

(Support/Q&A + Embodiment Practice)
🌹 Facebook Community Support Group 

🌹 Medicine Woman Playlist

🌹 Bonus Download 5 Shamanic Womb Journeys

+ Moon Cycle PDF's

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Week 1: Menstrual

New Moon

Wise Woman Archetype

Opening Ceremony 


Week 2: Follicular

Waxing Moon

Maiden Archetype


Week 3: Ovulatory

Full Moon

Mother Archetype


Week 4 : Luteal

Waning Moon

Wild Woman Archetype

Closing Ceremony (Live)



*Live Zoom Calls Every Sunday

1 P.M EST  / 7 P.M Portugal

(Obviously I would love to connect with you

but in case you can't make it live, all sessions will be

recorded for further access during the 4 weeks)


This is for you if you yearn to... ®

- Radically love yourself

- Liberate your sensuality

- Feel trust & faith in the unknown 

- Clear old energy from your womb space

- Experience a stronger connection to your body

- Expand your ability to feel pleasure

- Release old emotions and patterns of relating

- Heal your feminine voice and expression
- Learn to listen to your intuition and body knowing

- Recover healthy boundaries and self-knowledge

What you will benefit®

- Profound Holistic  Somatic Healing
- Increased bodily bliss
- Awakened sexual energy
- Enhanced creativity and self-trust
- Return to cyclical living
- Supporting fertility and menstrual health

- Healthy boundaries and self-expression

- Connection to one 's own centre and root of being

- Reconnecting with voice of the heart-womb

Meet your guide,Sasha 
Medical Doctor & Shamanic Healer


My name is Sasha Marie Allan.

I am a Liberator. I am a Medicine Woman.

My purpose is to help you liberate your sensual expression

so you feel God-fidence & radically love yourself.


For this reason, reconnecting with the wisdom of the body is vital.

 It is the greatest homecoming of ALL. It literally changes e-ve-ry-thing.

Feeling safe, comfortable and God-fident in my body didn't always come easy for me.

I used to struggle a lot in having to look perfect.

 Throughout my own Healing Journey, I felt blocked in certain emotional

and energetic levels, affecting my menstrual cycle, my relationship with

my feminine power of co-creation and my God-fidence.

Once I stopped searching for every solution outside of me and truly softened

and allowed myself the time and space to simply be and unfold,

I was able to connect really profoundly with my body.

I learnt to stay super present within my body, to be kind and compassionate to myself and allow the process to unfold naturally, to open my heart to loving divine guidance.

I developed a deeper sense of connectedness with my body, sensual expression, creative exploration and tuned into my cyclical wisdom.

Feeling radical self-love, God-fidence and liberation.


I pray for you to feel transformed, liberated, loved,

accepted, heard and seen as who you really are.

To your radical self-love xxx


Your Body is calling you to a New Life.

Are you ready to feel Liberated?

Image by Danilo Batista

Single Payment

Last Chance to Register

Regular Price 999€ 


Image by Danilo Batista

Payment Plan 

Last Chance to Register

Regular Price 2 x 555 

2 x 333€ (monthly)

Image by Danilo Batista

VIP Single Payment

Last Chance to Register

Regular Price 1555€ 


Image by Danilo Batista

VIP Payment Plan 

Last Chance to Register

Regular Price 2 x 888 

2 x 555€ (monthly)



You will get extra support with Sasha with an add-on of 2 intimate 1:1 healing sessions

Option Limited for 3 Women

Paymen Option MW
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How working with Sasha feels like





- What is Integrative Pelvic Health? ®

Integrative Pelvic Health is a method that employs anatomy-based body practice andinner dream journeying to help women recover vibrant wellbeing in their pelvic centre.

The goal of the method is to allow women to nourish the physical, sensual

and creative forces of their pelvic cradle.

Integrative Pelvic Health balances anatomy-based research practice, shamanic journeys

into the womb and self-empowered bodywork to awaken a full-body agency and knowing. 


What is self-empowered body work?

Self-empowered bodywork guides us through an inside-out awareness of our body, cultivating tools that last a lifetime without depending on special settings or gurus. Traditional treatments taking place in separate therapy settings or without conscious integration into broader physical structures may become one-off moments for the body, rather than cultivating the radiant long-term health many are seeking.

That is why inner sensory discovery and anatomy-based movements are so vital.

These practices create a methodical inside-out body awareness, strategically designed to integrate into daily life—making the individual feel that she herself is affecting change from within. This grounds us into a new power to communicate, shift and journey into the layers of our body. Self-empowered bodywork also aligns deeply with the feminine principle

which guides to fully know, trust and enjoy our own bodies.

- What do you mean by "research-based"?

The term "research-based" refers to the fact that all teachings in this course rest on knowledge derived from clinical experience, academic publishing and advanced education. This lends a flow and structure to the journey which makes the material concise

and easy to integrate.


The anatomy practices are based on the natural shapes and vectors of the body

that have been studied over the past 40 years in modern anatomy and

constitute a distinct field of study on its own that nourishes whole body health.

In the same way, the shamanic dream journey rest on best practices

in modern shamanic study and professional holistic education.

- What if I can't attend the live recordings?

All live sessions will be recorded.

- What if my main language is Portuguese?

No worries. The groups I facilitate tend to be international and I will always translate

as needed in the live sessions and support on Facebook group.

All the rest of the material will be in English.

- What if I can't finish all the material in each week?

The material is offered in a simple and concise way.

It should take you around 2 - 3 H per week.

(depending how many times you want to repeat the practices)

Even if you cannot go through it all during some weeks,

you will always get the chance to make up for it later.

- Will the content be available after the 4 weeks?

The access to the platform will be available until mid June.

You will be able to download the 4 Moon Cycle PDF's,

the 5 Shamanic Womb Journeys and The Medicine Woman Playlist. 

Of course you will take away with you all of the Integrative Pelvic Health Practices,

Divine Love Rituals, Nervous System Regulation tools and Archetypal Divine Sensual Embodiment practices from practicing it during the 4 weeks, as they are pretty

simple and intuitive but you will not have access to the videos.

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