Hello tribe,

Welcome to Ubuntu Essence.

I am so happy that you landed here and that you’re interested in getting to know me and my work,

of which I am dedicated to, with my entire soul.


I'm Sasha Marie Allan.

I'm a Medical Doctor & a Holistic Therapist.

My mission is to Serve Humanity and to guide

you in your Healing Journey, for you to reconnect with your true essence.

We can all be a channel to raise consciousness,

awareness and vibration of the planet.

For a better living. A better world.

It all starts within each and every one of us.

WE are the change that we've been waiting for.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

Ubuntu is  love. It is the foundation of everything.

My purpose is to guide you on your Healing Journey,

for you to (re)connect with your Essence -

your true Nature, your Soul, your source of

Unconditional Love - Remember who you Are.


Ubuntu Essence Pillars

1.Soulful Livin'
Soulful Livin'

Living from the soul is being yourself

in your most pure essence of your

inner child - It reminds us that

pleasure and living life in a lighter

way  is important.

It's living in love with love, full of inspiration ("in" spirit) - guided by Spiri) and enthusiasm (which comes from

"éntheos" - God is within)

It's pure Unconditional Love. It allows you to be your most authentic and vulnerable self - The qualities of being real and allowing yourself to feel all the feels.


4. Universal,
Energetical & Body Consciousness

Universal Consciousness is the Source of everything. Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings, in which

 all is connected.

Energetic Consciousness is using the Universe's Energy (with spiritual guidance)

to facilitate healing.

Body Consciousness encompasses intuitive movement & eating and the mind-body-emotions

crucial connection. It's about treating the

 physical body as a temple. 

Universal, Energetic
 & Physical Consciousness
2. Creative Self-Expression

 Expressing feelings and emotions through practices that promote healing, wellness and personal development,

in the form of any kind of Healing Art (Dance/Movement, Photography, Music, Painting, Creative Writing).

These approaches combine artistic expression with

psychological awareness and conscious communication.

Creative Self-Expression
3. Nature Connection

Connecting and healing with the 5 elements

Air - Ether - Fire - Water - Earth

 through the 5 senses

Touch - Smell - Audition - Vision - Taste

Nature Connection
5. Tribe Healing

Healing is the journey of finding real freedom and peace from within.

It is the process of becoming whole again, coming back home to yourself,

your true essence.

While forming a tribe along the way

of like-hearted humans - The feeling

of belonging, of interconnectedness

in the Circle of Life.

Tribe Healing


"Sasha is an inspiring person, she's a person who makes a difference in her life. I met her in Bali, and one day we tried to surf, I was terrified of the sea, despite the good feeling of being pushed by the waves. So we decided to do a healing session and as soon as I arrived in Australia I was already buying my wetsuit and diving into the sea, and that I hadn't done Now I can accompany my husband every day for a sea bath or risk a surf in the morning. Overcoming this fear makes my days much better, and I'm very grateful to her for it."

—  Vanessa Avelino