Welcome to Ubuntu Essence.


I am honoured that you are here.

My name is Sasha and I'm a trained Medical Doctor

in Conventional Medicine & Holistic Healing.

Our mission is to awaken the Medicine within You.

YOU are the Medicine that you've been waiting for.

When we take care of ourselves,

we heal Humanity.

Medicine is an Art.

The art of listening, intuiting, feeling. 

My purpose is to guide you in awakening the Medicine within You.


You will finally relax and be yourself the moment you realize, all along,

everything you've ever needed already exists inside of You.


Never forget, we're in this together.

I see you.



"Sasha is an inspiring person, she's a person who makes a difference in her life. I met her in Bali, and one day we tried to surf, I was terrified of the sea, despite the good feeling of being pushed by the waves. So we decided to do a healing session and as soon as I arrived in Australia I was already buying my wetsuit and diving into the sea, and that I hadn't done Now I can accompany my husband every day for a sea bath or risk a surf in the morning. Overcoming this fear makes my days much better, and I'm very grateful to her for it."

—  Vanessa Avelino

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