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The healing sessions have a holistic (whole-person) approach.

It considers 4 levels of Health:

Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual

I guide you in reconnecting with your Essence.

1:1 Healing Sessions

Holistic sessions

Our Health is our most precious blessing –

Without it, we are nothing.

It is indispensable to invest time and energy in your well-being.

 The root cause of any symptom or disease always starts on an energetical level,

before it manifests on a physical or mental level.


- Holistic Health Assessment

(Physical - Mental - Emotional - Spiritual)

- Energy Healing:

    - Reiki Therapy

    - Chakra Balancing with Pendulum + Thetahealing®

    - Aromatherapy & Crystal Therapy

    - Oracle Deck Guidance for each chakra imbalance

to guide in understanding the emotional root cause

of the imbalanced chakras

What is a Healing Journey?

It means to "awaken" to a New World, expanding your consciousness by diving deep within yourself -

Regaining the parts of you that you have once

lost in time.

It is to (re)claim your personal power.

It is coming back Home to yourself, the

very essence of your Being - your Soul.

 By shedding all layers of conditioning

and limiting beliefs that stop you from living your unique Truth, guided by your intuition.

Remember, no one knows who you truly 

are better than yourself.

A Soulful living is being aligned with yourself and your mission, in connection with the Universe.


Why choose to heal yourself?

Healing is the best gift that you can

give to yourself and the world.

When you heal yourself, you heal the world.

To live a life that will only have a sense

of purpose and meaning when you commit

tyour Healing Journey.

Only when you allow yourself to feel and release your trauma (unprocessed pain), your shadows to come up to the surface, you will know what it feels like to free yourself. From the inside, out.

Your Light will shine even brighter once you learn to embrace your Darkness.



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