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The immersions are based on the

5 pillars of Ubuntu Essence.

Which means, incorporating the concept of UBUNTU,

by raising the vibration and collective consciousness,

with the same purpose that unites us all – To live from the Heart.

 A new way of being and living will be explored, by doing the greatest journey of all – The Journey within.

The Circle of Life

Bali, Indonesia

The immersion's mission is to demystify the concept of

Spirituality & Healing.

Being Spiritual is, nothing more and nothing less, than BEING YOU.

There are no pre-requisites, besides being committed with your own

personal development and being open to the new.

Surrender & receive.

This experience will awaken your curiosity to

(re)connect with your true essence.



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The Circle of Life Immersion

Bali, Indonesia – The Island of Gods

- 3 nights in Ubud -

The word Ubud means Medicine. The city itself, is incredibly special.

The healthy food restaurants are out of this world.

 There's a huge offer of experiences in the Universe of Healing,

Spirituality and Expansion of Consciousness.

Photo credits to Kevin Mirc ©

- 4 nights in Uluwatu -

This magical place situated in the southwest coast of Bali, has an inexplainable healing energy. It is situated on the Earth’s Root Chakra, giving the feeling of security, protection and belonging. Not to even mention the unreal connection with Mother Nature, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and vibes like no other place has.


 To receive the full itinerary and confirm your place, send e-mail to:



>>  Hotels with breakfast included (3 nights in Ubud, 4 nights in Uluwatu)

>>  Private Transport in between Ubud-Uluwatu and the main locations (Except during for the free time)

>>  Guided tour to the famous Tirta Empul/Holy Sacred Water Temple Visita (for the body, mind, soul, spirit purification ritual), Goa Gajah Temple or Waterfalls and Tegalalang (rice fields), from above.

>>  Visiting the best beaches, besides our hotel's Impossible Beach

(Balangan, Bingin, Padang Padang, Thomas, Melasti, Green Bowl or Nyang Nyang)

>>  Every Morning: Meditation + Pranayama (breathing techniques) + Spiritual routine with me 

>>  Embodiment practices/activities + Talks/Discussions with me (varying each day) 

 Inner child, creativity, purpose, self-love/Self-care, the power of co-creating and manifesting your reality

>>  4 Suprise Activities that will allow you to expand your mind, while you get in touch with yourself,

your intuition and your Heart.

>>  1 Fly High Yoga class

>>  1 Surf  lesson (2h) 

>>  1 Private Healing & Guidance session with me

>>  Welcome/goodie bag

>>  A lot of authenticity, vulnerability and BEING YOURSELF :)

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