My story

My name is Sasha.
It means Defender/Helper of Mankind. 


I have dual nationality, I’m Portuguese and South African. Born in Madeira island, on the 31st of July.


I lived in Porto Santo until I was 18 and I spent a long period of my childhood in Cape Town, where most

of my family live.

I’ve always liked the idea that I could help people and make a difference in someone’s life.

So, I chose Medicine. 

Now, I understand that, actually,

Medicine chose me.


Everything started shifting, slowly, in the end of my 4th year of Medical School, after studying in Rome. My “awakening” was clear in Rio de Janeiro, where I did a clinical internship in Internal Medicine.

Despite the positive energy  that the Marvellous City gave to me, I felt a sense of being stuck every time that I was at the hospital.

I had this unexplainable feeling and need to break free of everything that was programmed for my future - Rio gave me that push I needed to make my decision.

I went back to Lisbon, to continue my clinical internship and work on my master thesis. I didn’t want to leave my goals halfway but I had no idea what my next step would be.


That’s when I invested all of my energy in my self-knowledge (Meditation and Yoga became a part of my life and the Universe gifted me a trip to India, which had a great impact on me).

Following my soul’s calling, I entered the flow and the Universe started gifting me with its magical synchronicities, because I was awake and paying attention to my intuition.

During my journey of self-discovery and the endless research that I had been doing, I came across the possibility of starting a post-graduation course (duration of 1 year) in Integrative Medicine, in Bristol.

After finishing my Medical Degree,

I started this course in that same year.

It helped me understand the fusion between Conventional and Complementary medicine, by learning all sorts of therapies, like Ayurveda, Lifestyle Medicine and Mindfulness.


It gave me a greater understanding of the Human Being, as a Holistic Being, as a Whole, integrating Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.


It focuses on finding the root cause of the disease instead of only treating the symptoms.

Shortly after, life lead me to Bali for a Yoga retreat. Oh Bali... I fell in love the moment I landed. This island had a huge impact on me, that once again, confirmed my vision for the future.

After Bali, my structures got all shaken.

t was challenging to go back to an old reality - Working at the hospital, when all I wanted was to start creating my new path. Now, I understand, that it was all a part of my process and I am eternally grateful for it.

At the time, I felt that I would be back to live in Bali,

someday, somehow. I simply knew.

2018 was a very intense year for me.

Coping with my work as a Medical Doctor and, at the same time, studying Integrative Medicine and raising funds for the Africa Yoga Project.

In despite of the Integrative Medicine course having helped tremendously in blending my knowledge in Medicine in a holistic way, I still felt that I had a lack of comprehension in Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic levels. I felt the need to further my studies, in those aspects. So, during this same year, I decided to do a Thetahealing® course and a post-graduation in Transpersonal Development and Spirituality in Psychology. As I opened myself to this Universe of infinite possibilities, everything started making sense.

2019 was all about spreading my wings.

Volunteering for the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya

in February was absolutely life-changing.

I had a strong sense of feeling of community

and pure joy.

At the same time, I certified for the 12-step Yoga Recovery Programme (Y12SR), that helped me understand impact of emotional trauma in our bodies.

While I was in Cape Town, visiting my family,

I had time to reflect  during my healing journey.

During this period, I certified in a Life Coaching,

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and

Time-Line Therapy®  course, to integrate in my sessions.

After that, I decided to do a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, that complemented my holistic training.

Moving to Bali was the missing link

that I needed for my healing journey and

my professional growth, in that moment.

The more I was flowing and allowing my healing to happen naturally, the more I got in touch with my creative energy. Using my very own unique voice - 

I created Ubuntu Essence.

Through it, I'll shine my light to the world.

To Serve.

I hope that our paths cross, one day, soon.

With lots of love,

Sasha xoxo